Blind Spot Gear Tile Light Duo – 2 Light Kit


The Blind Spot Gear Tile Light Duo is a multi-purpose, high-quality LED light suitable for stills and video work both off and on the camera. It is made up of 2x Tile Lamps, 2x Remote Dimmer, 2x Dimmer Extension Cable, 2x International AC, 2x Battery Adapter, 2x Battery (NP-F550), 2x CTO Gel, 1x USB Battery Charger, 2x Ball Mount, 1x Hot Shoe Adapter and 1x EVA Case.


Key Features: Blind Spot Gear Tile Light Duo

  • Rugged, portable light for professionals
  • Ideal for photographers, filmmakers and creatives of all kinds
  • Provides an even throw of light with a colour temperature of 5600K
  • Control: built in 5 step dimming (button) or external remote dimmer accessory (included)
  • Gel Attachment: electro static / micro vacuum – no accessory required
  • Flicker-free dimming from 0-100%
  • Features two 1/4″-20 screw thread mounts for attaching accessories
  • Includes custom-made travel case with shock absorbant foam

Box contents:

  • 2x Tile Lamp
  • 2x Remote Dimmer
  • 2x Dimmer Extension Cable
  • 2x International AC
  • 2x Battery Adapter
  • 2x Battery (NP-f550)
  • 2x CTO Gel
  • 1x USB Battery Charger
  • 2x Ball Mount
  • 1x Hot Shoe Adapter
  • 1x EVA Case



  • Lumens (Max) 1700 Lm
  • Optical System Single Surface Emitter
  • Beam Angle 120 (half Peak angle)
  • Colour Temperature (CCT) 5600k


  • Power in: 3.5mm DC Barrel
  • Control port: 2.5mm 4 pin jack


  • Max Power 22w
  • Max Current Draw 3.5a (@6.5V)
  • Voltage Range 6.5-24V DC
  • Power supply (AC) AC 12v output with 3m cord and international plugs.
  • Power supply (battery) Battery Adapter (sony NP-f compatible). 45min run time with supplied battery.


  • 0.3m 5742 lx
  • 0.5m 2067 lx
  • 1m 517 lx


  • Weight 300g / 0.65lbs
  • Lamp Size 164mm x 78mm x 19mm
  • Lamp Size (Imperial) 6.5 x 3 x 0.75″


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