Godox 500 LED Panels – 3 Light Kit


GODOX LED 500 lights produce a soft and even light which makes it ideally suited for both photography and video work. Simple to use, with no additional wiring or or camera connection required, just turn it on and start shooting – it really is a two for one option.



This panel generate very little heat, are great for using in close-up work and its slim profile is ideal for working in confined spaces. Brightness is controlled by a single dimmer dial with colour temperature being changed by using the filter supplied.


  • Premium LED bulbs and wide screen offer high brightness
  • Life Span 50,000 hours
  • Wirelessly adjust brightness
  • Lithium battery or DC charged
  • Radio Receiver built in 433Mhz ( 6 groups & 16 channels)
  • Four aluminium Barn doors
  • Standard Mount
  • 3 Set filter


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